The North Remembers

Recap: Chapter 2, Part 1

On Their Heels

There was discussion on what their next plan should be. Dromin favored returning to Karhold to tell Arnolf and the others House Bolton’s plan. While Ser Rhodric and Brandon favored staying and attempting to learn more information in Winterfell, possibly stopping the ill-fated wedding in the process. In the end, Rhodric and Brandon’s voice was heard and they headed north, but stayed from the road on their travels from Castle Cerwyn to Winterfell.

Their clumsy movement through the snow allowed them to be tracked by dogs and men. Near Winterfell, finally the kennelmaster of Winterfell, Ben Bones, and the other Bastard’s Boy, Yellow Dick, set upon the conspirators at night in the deep snow. The battle was violent, and Rhodric found himself gravely wounded as his horse fell atop him. In the end, however, the conspirators stayed death for a time and dealt it to Yellow Dick, Ben Bones, and their lackeys. Before expiring, Ben Bones told the group that the wedding was to take place in three days time.

They had little time before Arya Stark was given to Ramsay Snow for his carnal pleasures and the Bolton’s to cement their hold on the North through marriage.



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