The North Remembers

Recap: Chapter 2, Part 1
On Their Heels

There was discussion on what their next plan should be. Dromin favored returning to Karhold to tell Arnolf and the others House Bolton’s plan. While Ser Rhodric and Brandon favored staying and attempting to learn more information in Winterfell, possibly stopping the ill-fated wedding in the process. In the end, Rhodric and Brandon’s voice was heard and they headed north, but stayed from the road on their travels from Castle Cerwyn to Winterfell.

Their clumsy movement through the snow allowed them to be tracked by dogs and men. Near Winterfell, finally the kennelmaster of Winterfell, Ben Bones, and the other Bastard’s Boy, Yellow Dick, set upon the conspirators at night in the deep snow. The battle was violent, and Rhodric found himself gravely wounded as his horse fell atop him. In the end, however, the conspirators stayed death for a time and dealt it to Yellow Dick, Ben Bones, and their lackeys. Before expiring, Ben Bones told the group that the wedding was to take place in three days time.

They had little time before Arya Stark was given to Ramsay Snow for his carnal pleasures and the Bolton’s to cement their hold on the North through marriage.

Recap: Chapter 1, Part 2
The Rescue of Gerret Flint

As Cheska raised her bow, the spies convinced her by some stroke of luck (DP) to avoid fire for the moment. She held her arrow and agreed. Brandon attempted to talk the Castle Cerwyn guards into letting them up into the tower, but it was to no avail. The man would not risk his own life for Brandon’s desire.

When Brandon returned to the inn, Dromin and Cheska had already made their way to the site where the prisoners would hang the next day. Two well-placed arrows felled the Cerwyn men on guard as night began to fall. Dromin and Cheska decided to don the armor of the dead and wait for the next morning.

Back in town, Ferrick informed the others of Dromin’s plan, and it was not until the next day that the rest of the conspirators headed to the gallows as well. Meanwhile, the morning guards arrived to relieve those that Dromin and Cheska had sent to the Stranger. Seeing Cheska in armor brought immediate suspicion, as women were more suited for needlepoint than a blade. After a brief skirmish, Dromin and Cheska killed these men as well, and soon after Rhodric and Brandon arrived with Ferrick and Micah in tow.

The plan was set. They would cut the ropes of the gallows enough to break, and Rhodric and Micah would disguise themselves as the Castle Cerwyn guards. The archers, Cheska and Dromin hid in the nearby grove of trees while Brandon and Ferrick would return to town and make their way back to the gallows with the rest of the spectators.

When the wagon brought the condemned, unfortunately, their heads were covered by hoods. Led up on the gallows, the same man that killed Gar, Damon Dance-for-Me, warned the crowd that they could be next if they did not follow the Bolton’s rules. Before he could throw the switches, Brandon yelled from the crowd that he ‘wanted to see their eyes leap from their head’. Damon seemed to like that, pulling the hoods from the men and offering to allow Brandon to throw the switches. Brandon, on the platform, threw all three switches at once, beginning the execution.

When the ropes eventually snapped Dromin sent an arrow into Damon’s back. All hell broke loose. With the surprise, chaos was everywhere. Rhodric and Micah struck among the Bolton men who were killing civilians in retaliation. Meanwhile, Brandon, atop the stage, leapt into the hole where Gerret had been identified by Ferrick.

Ferrick, Gerret’s friend and cohort, during the thick of battle, abandoned his allies as his legs rushed him away from the fighting as quickly as they could.

The fighting was fierce, and in the end, the spies won the day. Brandon snuck the badly mutilated Gerret to the horses and made haste along the road. Meanwhile, many of the other Boltons fled, including a badly injured Damon. Unfortunately, Cheska, the last remaining Wildling ally fell to a Bolton’s blade.

Gerret’s body was found by the others who scooped it up and brought it along to a secret meeting spot a few miles away. Brandon, the first there, told everyone Gerret’s secret. Arya Stark was to marry Ramsay Snow. It was a surprise; certainly, as Arya was thought long dead since Lord Eddard Stark was executed in King’s Landing. Considering their next move, the conspirators licked their wounds in the falling snow.

Recap: Chapter 1, Part 1
Of Wildlings and Prisoners

Micah led the recruits under the guise of the Night’s Watch to a farmstead outside of Last Hearth. There, oaths were given and swords were pledged. The conspirators if Mors Crowsfood, Arnolf Karstark, Jorelle Mormont and Boros of Oldcastle gave the new recruits a specific task, find Gerret Flint of Widow’s Watch.

Those of great importance left to return to their homes while the recruits spent the night at the farmhouse. They awoke to smoke pouring in through the window and Dromin rushed outside to seek what was amiss. He found an arrow to the chest from across the frozen river as the farmstead was being attacked by Wildlings.

The skirmish was violent, with Rhodric of Winterfell killing many with his greatsword, and Dromin felling several wish his bow. Even the former Acolyte of the Citadel used his spear with great effect. In the end, the wildling leader submitted if those he fought pledged to use his blade against their enemies. Eventually, the wildling Gar and his ‘relative’, Cheska, a wildling female archer, were brought into the fold.

After a day or rest, the group set out east for Karhold. There, with the wildlings in the guise of prisoners, Sergeant Samuel of the Karhold guard led everyone two hours to the docks on the Bay of Seals. On the ship the Winter Wind, the group traveled to Widow’s Watch, the home of Gerret Flint. The third day saw terrible storms and during the worst of it, Micah, the wildling Gar, and Brandon each were thrown into the water. Dromin, a man of action, leaped in to aid the fully armored Micah. Ropes were tossed to Gar and Brandon, and soon after, they were drug back on deck. Micah, however, began slipping deeper and deeper under the ocean’s waves. Dromin fought against his own exhaustion and the freezing cold water to eventually pull his ally from the water depths. Both men were pulled to safety but suffered from the effects of the cold water and near drowning.

Greatly improved under the care of the acolyte, Brandon, Dromin and Micah would live to see another day. They arrived in Widow’s Watch and immediately began the search for Gerret. As they disembarked, Rhodric found a curious note, pointing them to the Cold Wave and a man named Ferrick, which was a huge tavern on the wharf of the town. There they began the search in earnest.

It was not difficult to find Ferrick, who lived in the Cold Wave, and after a bit of coin being exchanged, Rhodric was lead to Ferrick’s room. Ferrick was in the midst of love making with a large woman, and the meeting was delayed after Dromin drew his blades and threatened the man with injury or death. Meanwhile, Gar had become restless. In the Cold Wave stood a fighting pit, one for sailors to bet and throw their fists. It had been illegal under House Stark, but the Bolton’s taxed such places, and today it was as bloody as ever.

Gar wished to fight, and down he went into the pits. There, he fought another man and beat him senseless. It looked like Gar might kill the man, but Samuel’s voice from the crowd overcame his bloodlust and convinced the wildling to allow the defeated to live. Gar, at the very least, earned the group a few silver stags.
By then, Ferrick was finished with his ‘maid’ and made his way downstairs. There the conversation turned to Gerret Flint. Ferrick knew that Gerret was near Winterfell, likely at Castle Cerwyn where Gerret had a woman, named Matilda. It took some convincing, but since Ferrick knew Micah, he agreed to bring the men to Castle Cerywn in search of his contact, Gerret. He did not know exactly what Gerret was investigating, but he too thought it was important.

The trip to Castle Cerwyn was long, through Hornwood which Micah passed fondly, allowing the group to sleep in his home. Eventually, though, Cerwyn was before them. It was a small castle, but there was a bevy of activity from merchants moving north to Winterfell for some purpose no one knew other than to sell foodstuffs. The group entered the castle under the guise of aspiring merchant guards, and as they did, they heard the crier sing about the execution of three criminals in two day’s time. It did not take long for the group to wonder if Gerret might be among those captured.

Two of the three were clearly not Gerret, or very unlikely not him anyway. One was captured after killing a man after an argument in the local tavern. The other was a thief, who had long worked his trade in these parts and had finally been captured. The third, however, was a man found sneaking about the castle where he should not have been.
The west tower of the castle held the prisoners in three cells on the third floor. After Dromin scouted out the tower, he found four guards at the door, and two on the walls. After some debate, it was decided that they would once again use Gar as a prisoner. It had worked in Karhold, but that was a different situation. Now they would use it to see if Gerret was a prisoner, they just needed to get to the cells above.

Meanwhile – Gar had gotten himself into some trouble at the inn. They returned to find six men dog-piling the wildling and beating him with clubs. Cheska could do nothing to stop them, and in the end, one man stomped on Gar’s leg and broke it badly. The men claimed Gar ‘assaulted’ their caravan master the night before in the tents outside of Castle Cerwyn where the group had stayed the night. Brandon’s glib tongue kept them from killing him, but Gar was badly wounded, but filled with rage. Limping along, the wildling allowed Brandon, Micah and Rhodric to take him to the tower as a prisoner. The ploy worked, and they were allowed to bring Gar to the second floor of the tower, but not to the cells. Then, a man calling himself Damon Dance-for-Me came to inspect the new prisoner. Although Brandon pleaded to jail the man, Damon had other plans, thinking it easier to dispose of a wildling with his blade. Gar erupted in anger, but there was little he could do as Damon stabbed the wildling in the throat and ended him.

With no prisoner remaining, the conspirators returned to town in order to formulate a new plan. Cheska, when hearing of Gar’s demise, immediately drew her bow and took a pot shot at the guards. The guards, now alert, begin to approach Cheska and the men around her …

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